Enjoy some teaser video samples of the Aqueoussage style body work and the amazing IntimaSea products I use. 

If you would like to purchase and own your own copy of my Aqueoussage movie, “Tantric Erotica” for your personal collection, you may find the full-length professional video on my products website as a digital download

  • Elements Of Intimacy Commercial
  • Marina The Masseuse An introduction to Marina, an extremely feminine masseuse delivering a unique experience. Escape to your sensual paradise.
  • The Art Of Nuru: A Colorful Expose Experience a sensual body rub by Marina through a vibrantly artistic lens in this feminine depiction of sensual Aqueoussage. Through the symbolic use of colored oil and creative expression of Marina's "Aqueoussage" technique, sensations of pure bliss and erotic sensuality seem to organically unfold in this alluring video.
  • Sensual Energy Body Work An introductory experience of a full-body sensual body rub by Marina the Masseuse, Boston's own Nuru guru. Enjoy a sample of blissful relaxation while watching Marina perform her signature body rub style of "Aqueoussage", a body-to-body sensual delight, sure to please.