Who is your typical client?

I actually have a very diverse clientele that regularly books sessions with me. Individuals and couples from ages 18-80+ both males and females seem to be in need of this kind of connection. With the fast pace of life and upward trend of disconnection from other beings, I find that this is a beneficial recharge for any human open to this. Quite often, my clients have high stress jobs and are in demand both in their professional and personal lives. I tend to cater to professional athletes, high intensity weekend warriors, entrepeneurs, creatives and occupations that are demanding and 'of service' to others. Whether my clients use their mind, body or both in their careers, it seems a common thread is a need to decompress and recharge their batteries! Basically anyone in need of life balance in terms of the mind, body heart and soul are typical clients of mine. I believe you can't pour from an empty cup and in order to be your best self for others in your life, self-care should be a priority. Booking sessions with me is a great way to fill your cup!

What is an Aqueoussage?

An Aqueoussage is my signature style of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW) that I created in order to maximize relaxation and connection. My formal education and current license allows me to perform a therapeutic massage in a traditional setting, but the Aqueoussage that I offer is purely for stress relief, meditation and relaxation. I also do not feel that the word "massage" really describes what I do. I am an ordained spiritual minister in order to be able to deliver holistic energy work. I typically use a generous amount of an oil-based + aqueous solution from my Elements of Intimacy all-natural product line on both of our bodies throughout the session. For more information on my intimate body care luxury brand, please check out the website: www.IntimaSea.com where you may also purchase this liquid gold for yourself at home! This product provides an appropriate glide for hands-on relaxing touch and skin protection for body to body Nuru-type slides. The techniques used in an Aqueoussage session are a blend of; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi rolling and flowing movement, Japanese Nuru and a light version of Swedish touch performed while I'm in yoga-like positions maximizing body mechanics to apply appropriate pressure. It is a very unique experience for anyone needing a bit of self-care and relaxing sensual touch. Please note this is NOT a sexual or genital stimulating massage.

Why do I need to give you the required information in the online booking form?

I ask for this information in order to gain an understanding about a potential client as well as a means for me to confirm my safety. I do not share this information with others and hold your privacy in the highest regard. The majority of my clients have high profile careers and I assure confidentiality and privacy with everyone who contacts me. I do require authentic information as opposed to nicknames in order to verify I won't be inviting criminals or sex offenders into sessions with me. As a solo independent practitioner, safety is my #1 priority and I prefer to work only with those of high integrity. I also love to hear what lead you to my services! As always, I appreciate you understanding the need for this information and making it as simple as possible for me to process your request. 

What payment options do you offer?

I accept cash, credit card or Visa pre-paid gift cards. I only accept physical credit cards in-person or online payment via my digital invoicing system. I do not use Venmo, PayPal etc. Please let me know which payment option you prefer prior to the beginning of our session.

What is your location like?

I opened my newest VIP members-only club in April 2019. The space is a 2,000 sq ft sacred oasis. In addition to private appointments and exclusive events at the club, I sell organic intimate massage oils/lubes and body candles in the gift shop from my personal product line, "Elements of Intimacy". Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching sessions, guided meditations and Aqueoussage sessions can be scheduled here by current VIP members in good standing. While with a client, the space is completely private and closed off to the public. The VIP members-only club location also offers meet-ups, classes and workshops focused on intimacy, sensual meditation, erotic hypnosis and energy harnessing techniques.

What is your cancellation policy?

I close my schedule by 8:00pm for the following day. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so with as much notice as possible. If an appointment is cancelled after 8:00pm the night before or cancelled at any time same day, I require 50% of the cancelled appointment fee paid via online invoice in order to schedule again at any point in the future. For first time late cancels, the missed appointment fee can be applied as a deposit to future appointments (one-time courtesy). Otherwise, any late cancels require a 50% payment fee in order to be cleared to schedule again in the future. If a confirmed appointment is missed without notification, 100% of the missed appointment fee is due via online invoice in order to schedule another appointment in the future. Once the missed appointment fee is made, a 25% deposit is always required in advance to book on my schedule. 

I welcome any questions you may have. Please send me an email to: marinathemasseuse@gmail.com if you have further questions and I will address them directly and may add common questions to this FAQ. 



"This is other-worldly." -R.C.


"I typically get therapeutic massages but decided to try an "Aqueoussage" after feeling like my routine massage experiences were getting so mechanical and impersonal. I was over-the-top impressed with the care and effort Marina puts into her work. I was beyond relaxed and believe that my state of bliss lead it to be the most therapeutic (emotionally) I have ever encountered. " -D.G.


"…If there was a picture and meaning beside the word Heaven it would say Marina. She is Heaven and provides the most sensual massage ever given! She is art in motion and detailed in everything she provides for you… from her greeting, conversation, the environment, and the paradise in which she provides the massage.

M = Memorable

A = Attentive

R = Realistic

I = Irresistible

N = Noteworthy

 A = Attractive

Every single movement and glide across your body it takes you into a feeling of total healing! Wow what a birthday celebration I received with her = she is a MUST SEE!!! Beautiful in every way, her voice, her looks, her touch!!!" -S.H.


"Prior to my session with Marina, I had been experiencing depression and a loss of interest in my partner and general sensuality in my life. I was at the point where I thought nothing would help me- I was either completely disinterested or had an unhealthy high sexual appetite, nothing in between. I was not happy. In search of an impactful change, I found Marina. Our first appointment changed me and I have felt the benefits of her healing ever since. I have reconnected with my spouse in unexpected ways. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks to her, my senses are open and life is great." -J.A.


"Marina slowly and thoroughly entranced me, making use of her moves with great skill and generosity. Marina was impressively focused during the entire time, trying hard to do her best to please, full dedication. Chatting with her showed that she's genuine, intelligent, caring and quite the perfectionist. I think I found a true Aqueoussage artist." -J.S.


"There are just no words to explain this experience. Wow." -E.A.


"We've never felt more connection than we did after Marina's couples session. She helped us tune into something that hasn't been there since we started dating 20 years ago. Professional yet encouraging, Marina brought us intimately closer to each other. This was much needed!"  - T & B (1st time experience w/ couples session)  


"After oiling both of us up, she began a slow body rub. Her touch was gentle but firm. She used her body in a unique way working from my neck to my feet. She was clearly as relaxed and in tune as I was." -M.E.


"From the moment I walked into the room and saw Marina in person and realized that her pictures were real, if anything, less flattering than Marina in person, I knew I was in for a treat. Nothing could have prepared me for the most breath taking experience of my life, with a beautiful, soft, curvy woman like Marina using her entire body as part of the Aqueoussage to transport me into a state of profound bliss. I am hooked!" -G.M.


Website Disclaimer

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Please note that this is not a therapeutic service performed by a licensed massage therapist. This service is called Aqueoussage and is a form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW). An Aqueoussage booked through this website is executed by a professional with extensive education in human anatomy, body mechanics and injury prevention with additonal certifications in the healing arts and energy work. All services advertised are legal and provided with thoughtfulness and integrity. 

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