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Lifestyle Coaching, also known as my Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching services are available for all new and repeat clients

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"Live the Strength you Hold"

To me, living the strength you hold is a way of encouraging myself and others to be at our best. I love being in the company of people who feel comfortable in their own skin and live life in a manner that resonates with their core values or at least lives with the intention of getting to that place. 

Whether you're working with me as a coach, a masseuse or both, I strive to add value to your life through our experiences together. I want you to walk away feeling more fulfilled and full of love for yourself and others than you did before we worked together. This is extremely important to me. Due to the intimate nature of body work and very honest coaching, if at anytime you feel that working with me in any form would make you feel any less than amazing, please let me know so we can address this appropriately. I sincerely believe that every coaching and/or bodywork encounter that I have with a client helps raise my vibration for the best and I walk away from the session with a full heart, I want this for you as well. 

In order to obtain maximal and long-lasting results from working with me in any aspect, I highly recommend starting our work together with a Lifestyle Coaching session prior to any kind of bodywork. Most of my clients find it to be an extremely valuable aspect of their personal growth and continue a combination of Lifestyle Coaching & Aqueoussage sessions throughout our professional relationship together. I fully believe that working with your; mind, body, heart and soul together will bring about your best self as opposed to focusing on only one aspect of your being. 

Somehow you found yourself drawn to my website. This was not an accident. Maybe you cannot pinpoint exactly what brought us together, but I can assure you with confidence you're in the right place. I meticulously place my message out there for YOU and others like YOU to find me. I'm looking for YOU and want to work with YOU. 

If you're unsure that the work I do is for you, I encourage you to take some time and "mull it over". The answer will come to you in one way or another. Maybe the idea of the work I do will come up in your thoughts while you're on a long drive, you'll have a visual flash of my website while you're on your morning run or some indicative sign will cross your path when you least expect it. When these occurences happen, feel how your body reacts. No one knows you better than yourself. Whether your reaction to these thoughts are positive or negative, I encourage you to listen to your heart. I'm here when you're ready to

Live the Strength you Hold!


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