Sensual Energy Body Work

for Athletes:


Is sensual athletic massage for you? Being an elite or professional athlete absolutely takes a toll on one’s body. The strenuous demands can be taxing on the mind, heart and soul as well. I’m here to offer balance for your entire essence so you can be your best self in and out of competition. 

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” The infinite gains that are attained with this ongoing unique work will “fill your cup”. The benefits of refueling all aspects of YOU will bring out a new level of play and PRs in all aspects of your life. This work provides the ultimate harmonic balance every super star needs to be at their best!


Coaches and players have various theories on the role of sexual energy in athletic performance. Athletes like Muhammad Ali believe the results of practicing complete abstinence prior to competition preserves testosterone and promotes aggression in the ring. On the contrary, Joe Namath was known for laying pipe as part of his pre-game ritual so he can be focused and relaxed for every game. 


Sexual energy is a powerful, primal source within all of us that can be utilized like a super power. Often times it is either fought off and suppressed or compulsively chased and wasted. I’ve discovered a unique technique of harnessing sexual energy and using it to one’s advantage on and off the field. Learn how to use this un-tapped resource to bring your game to the next level. 

Note: In addition to being a masseuse, I am a professional life coach, athletic trainer, CSCS and trained hypnotist


2 Hr. Pre-Competition Athletic session:

This session is designed to be held the day before or the day of competition. A combination of arousal building Aqueoussage techniques, body-to-body sport-specific PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching and hypnotic NLP (neuro linguistic programming) visualization with an emphasis in harnessing primal sexual energy is the perfect pre-game strategy essential for top level play. Typical results; higher level of focus, testosterone boosts, increased determination and improved physical energy. 

2 Hr. Post-Competition Athletic session:

This session is designed to be held after competition or during the off-season. The focus is on rejuvenation and recovery through total relaxation. Body-to-body Aqueoussage compression and level 2 Reiki techniques help refuel a depleted mind, body, heart and soul. Attention is given to minor injuries and delayed onset muscle soreness. The perfect elixir after you’ve just played your heart out. 

Dynamic Tri-Pack sessions: 3 session commitment

A three session package designed to build a foundation of harnessing and utilizing sexual energy. A combination of lifestyle coaching and hands-on body work personalized for the high level athlete looking to infinitely improve their game. This package is essential for continuous programming and ongoing sessions to reach a level of sexual energy mastery. Click here for more information on this one-of-a-kind training. Recommended only for those committed to ongoing success. 

Continuous Programs

Available after the completion of the Dynamic Tri-Pack foundational sessions. Please reach out directly via phone or email for more information. 


2 Hr. Pre-Competition Athletic session


2 Hr. Post-Competition Athletic session



Sensual Energy Body Work

for Couples:


Have you ever had a "couples massage" at the spa? Is being in the same room on separate tables across the room a REAL couples massage? I use an XL massage table complete with two headrests, built with couples in mind so you can truly share this experience together.


Enjoy a unique and unexplainable NEW connection with your partner through Sensual Energy Body Work, “Couples Aqueoussage” by Marina. Originally designed for couples in a relationship who may be in search of a new, heightened connection to complement their partnership. An Aqueoussage can do wonders for the monotony of everyday monogamy.

Fantasies are a part of human nature and are nothing to be ashamed of.

I have found that since working with couples who share experiences simultaneously, not only do they become physically and emotionally closer, but they have reported the discovery of a new ability to understand each other's overall needs, desires and fantasies in a more efficient way than ever before. 


Each session is completely organic and personalized for the couple indulging in this essential bonding experience. At the beginning of the appointment, all 3 of us have an open & honest conversation about their ideal session & boundaries as a couple to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or intimidated. 


Sometimes it is purely relaxing and hypnotic with very little sensuality, other times the Aqueoussage may be an arousing build up for the couple. I realize the importance of this heightened state of connection and encourage you to indulge with your partner. I may excuse myself at the end to allow privacy for you to use as you wish to complete your time together. I advice couples to know and understand their boundaries prior to the start of our session, but to keep in mind that having an open heart without expectations of this organic experience is always best! 


I am familiar with assisting someone to ease into unfamiliar territory and feel confident that defined boundaries will not be crossed. I am available for a brief, complimentary phone or video chat if either partner has any questions prior to booking. I want you both to feel 100% comfortable as you take on this new and exciting adventure together!




2 Hr. Couples Aqueoussage

$1000 *

3.5 Hr. Dinner & Couples Aqueoussage

* Please add cost of restaurant bill.

I highly suggest that first time sessions be discussed ahead of time and not be a surprise for their partner. Once we have had our initial session together, I am ok with surprise sessions as gifts in the future.


Ask me about my unique combination session series of "Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching". This is a one-of-a-kind experience catering to couples in search of the ultimate bonding connection. It is a blend of lifestyle coaching sessions as well as hands-on practical experience with my signature Aqueoussage. Please call for more details.

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