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As humans, we need touch more than we need food & water. Check out this video:

I believe “intimate touch” is such a rich, high vibrational type of touch that provides infinite healing. 

You can spend the whole day shaking hands with new acquaintances or business partners and manage to survive as a human with minimal contact. Dedicating time to investing in intimate touch for yourself with another will allow you to thrive as a human! Transactional brief shaking of hands is like having a couple fast food french fries on the go. The exchange of authentic, loving and consensual intimate touch is like sitting down and mindfully enjoying the highest quality gourmet meal that nourishes and energizes you to your fullest potential. 


An experiment for you to see for yourself…

Sit for a minute and relax with your eyes closed. After a couple deep breaths, just imagine an experience you’ve had with touch that may have been brief, superficial and maybe even felt obligatory. Perhaps you’re at an environment with associates where you had to be “on” and put on your professional hat. Just as you’re portraying a socially acceptable and “professional” appearance, as are they. Imagine yourself shaking new hands and greeting co-workers. How do you feel as the experience goes on? Feelings of energetic inspiration or feelings of monotony and depletion? Something else? It may be a little uncomfortable, but really sit with this imagined experience and notice how your body feels. Pause and acknowledge what happened. 

Now, take a couple more deep breaths and imagine an experience you’ve had with someone who you could genuinely be your true authentic self with, someone who does not judge you one bit. Still sitting with your eyes closed, imagine a warm, welcoming hug from this person who’s presence allows you to feel like you can just be “you” and do not have to pretend to be anything else. A stroke of your arm from this person, a rub on your neck or a chest to chest, heart to heart embrace may elicit something inside of you. How do you feel as this experience goes on? Pause and acknowledge what happened. 


For me, this experiment provided vastly different feelings with the two scenarios. In the experience where I am with someone I can be real and accepted and we provide each other with intimate touch, it makes me feel ALIVE. It literally fuels and nourishes my whole self, just the way that eating, drinking water and breathing air does. I feel like I am alive and thriving as opposed to just surviving and going through the motions. 

Experiencing this real sustenance that is vital for us as humans helps me live life as my best self. This desire isn’t lustful, wrong or shameful whatsoever. Recognizing, accepting and embracing the need for intimate touch does wonders to one’s self. 

I am an intimacy coach healer (life coach + sensual energy body worker) and choose to work with those individuals who recognize the importance of the vital human need of intimate touch and have decided to invest in themselves. Authenticity is important to me and my work and this is why I ask everyone to book via my online booking form with their personal information. I am not merely being nosey or care to know what you physically look like, I like to get a feel for who someone is and what their intentions are. I like to know what lead them to me. Sometimes clients aren't sure how or why they found me, and that is ok. You have a need that lead you to me and that is perfect in every way. Please know when deciding to work with me, everything I do is done with love, consent and mindful intention. I always want to add value to your life and you to mine. If this resonates with you, please request your first session with me through the online booking form on the “Book a Session” page.  

Speaking of authenticity, which I believe is imperative for the highest quality healing form of intimate touch, feel free to get to know me a little bit more. I put a lot of myself out there on social media and my websites on purpose. I want you to feel just as comfortable with who I really am, as I get to know who you really are. Becoming a client and working with me should be a mindful and carefully thought out decision, as you are literally investing in yourself and no one needs to waste their money on a compulsive decision. So feel free to read and explore a bit about who I am and what I do. 

I look forward to connecting! 


with unconditional love, 

Jessica aka “Marina”


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