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What does "living life in the 11+" mean? I have many Aqueoussage clients ask me about my Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching ( business and wonder what the heck it actually is. 

Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is...

- my passion

- my way of connecting with others on a deeper level 

- my unique technique to bring out the best (in myself) in who I work with

Getting intimate with someone doesn't necessarily mean getting naked, although sometimes its appropriate, it means to be real, raw and authentic with another being. I create a safe and grounded space for myself and others to be very open and honest about their innermost desires. There is no room for judgment to exist in such a full space of intimacy and unconditional love. What goes on during Intimacy Coaching sessions is sacred and life-altering and is solely dedicated to the betterment of those involved. 

Is Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching like therapy?

No. Far from it. I fully support when someone is in therapy and working on themselves with a psychologist or psychiatrist and it often goes along really well with coaching. Instead of digging into painful memories or talking about hurt emotions like one would in therapy, coaching reveals beautiful solution-based goals and implements passionate plans to surpass what you ever thought you were capable of. A coach helps you discover your unique strengths and lights a fire under your ass to utilize these strengths in a way to live your best life. Often times people seek out an intimacy coach to help solve sexual dilemmas; disconnected sexually from their partner, compulsive sexual behavior, low or no sex drive, relationship troubles, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation, pornography addiction etc. Working on intimate sexual issues not only improves one's healthy sex life, success and wealth in other areas of life begin to accelerate as well. It's an amazing and ridiculously fun process!

Most people who aren't tapping into their inner strengths and living their best lives are somewhere on a success pleasure scale between 0 - 10. There is nothing wrong with living in this range and most people stay here everyday of their lives, unaware there is more out there, with no complaints. You may have good days and bad days, peaks and valleys, but the average person seems to never excel past that point of "10". Think of the best moment of the best day of your life as the "10" on your personal scale. It would be wonderful to live at this point of high frequency your whole life, wouldn't it? What if I told you it can get even better! Not only can it get better, it doesn't need to stop getting better. Living past the "10" on a success pleasure scale puts you on the level of "living 11+" with an upward trajectory that will continue to thrill and amaze you in every aspect of your life and there's no need to dip back down on this scale ever again. 

How does one start living in the 11+?

Every human has a powerful force that already exists within them. This powerful force has often times been buried or shamed over the years and isn't even being tapped into. Society tells us it's inappropriate to use this inner super power to manifest success. Some people repress or deny this natural energy within them and pretend it doesnt exist. Some would even say they're not ignoring their sexual energy, they're just channeling it into other aspects of their life and they pretend there isn't a giant sexual elephant in the room. Others chase this powerful sexual energy and chase it so hard that it escapes them and is often wasted and not utilized for its amazing abilities. Whether you ignore and repress inner sexual energy or let it escape with every wasted improperly executed orgasm, it is no secret that sexual energy is massively powerful and is the force that drives humans to many things. Instead of ignoring this powerful natural energy or letting it escape multiple orgasmic times a day, I believe there is an even better option- an option that will take you out of the average scale of 0 - 10 and bring you into living a life of 11+. I am so positive of this method, teaching it to others brings me massive joy and takes me higher and higher on this infinite scale of success and pleasure.

If you've always known there is something more and looking for a way to finally experience it, schedule a free consultation for Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching. This 15 minute phone or video chat can be the first step to living your amazing new life in the 11+!


LIC Packages:

Dynamic Tri-Pack- 3 foundation sessions (approx. 6 hours) $1800 + $200 LIC membership fee

Once a new client has completed the 3-pack intro, they are eligible to continue coaching

After 3-pack is complete, client is asked to commit to at least 1 Quarter of coaching, which is a minimum of 3 sessions (1 session/ month) These sessions are an average of 90 minutes but can be anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours in duration. Ideally they are done in-person, also available via video chat 

Pay per month: $1,100 (total of $3,300/Qtr.) = 3 sessions/Qtr.

Pay per Qtr: $3,000 = 3 sessions/Qtr.

Pay per Yr: $11,000/year = 12 sessions/Yr + Bonus New Years Retreat

In addition to avg. 1x/month coaching, clients may purchase a la carte sessions if they want to have sessions more often than once a month. 

A la carte sessions = $1,100/session OR $1,000/session if on a Quarterly or Yearly plan


To schedule, call: 1-844-4THE LIC

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