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I just finished a week at a beautiful yoga resort in Panama and attended an amazing women’s life coaching retreat. I learned a lot in regards to coaching and some Ayurvedic health information for my massage oils and Aqueoussage techniques- which is perfect timing for my upcoming release of my oil products for sale, Éléments d’intimité! It wasn't all work and no play. I had fun surfing, midnight skinny dipping in the ocean and attended a sensual dance class while I was down there too!

Unfortunately I did go a bit wild while surfing and ended up breaking my ankle, so I will be kicking back and staying off my feet for a short time. The hospital in Panama made the injury seem life-threatening but once I got to a Boston hospital, they assured me it’s a minor fracture, took off my cast and put me in a walking boot. I was so relieved! I won’t be laid up for as long as I thought. 

In addition to being in this super sexy walking boot, I will also be changing offices to a temporary locations throughout the MA area for a little while. My former Quincy office had a fire last week (reason still TBD, no one was hurt I wasn't there) and it is no mas!

Obviously it has been a bit intense lately and there have been a lot of changes. It’s almost comical how much has shifted this month! It is what it is and I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m excited to see what good shit and awesome change comes out of all of this. I’m taking this as a sign to slow down and plan some exciting things for the future!

Although I won’t be practicing my traditional Aqueoussages at the moment, I will be offering alternative options for those who would still like to stay connected while I heal:

- I am offering all current Aqueoussage clients who have not experienced Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching with me, a complimentary hour session (in person or via video chat) *20 minute consultations available for new clients         

- I am also offering “Aqueoussage Lessons” which will basically be me providing the oil and the body and will walk you through the technique of the Sensual Energy Body Work for you to try giving an Aqueoussage to me or the model of your choice. *This is a fabulous offering for those who enjoy being “hands on” (see website package page for more details)

I’m not the type to lounge around on the couch all day so this is already proving to be a bit difficult! Being able to still work with clients in one way or another is definitely fulfilling to me and will help me through my recovery as well, so thank you in advance. I highly recommend trying coaching to understand the other aspects of what I do if you haven't already. A description of L.I.C. (Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching) will be below. I also see this as a way I can show my appreciation to my regular clients and hopefully bring a sense of healing, relaxation and inspiration to us all!

If you’d like to experience any of the above offerings, feel free to email me with your ideal days/times ( If you have any specific questions, ask away!


Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is a style of life coaching with a forward momentum that aims to inspire and promote growth, not dig up the past or dwell in despair. It is not necessary to abide by typical societal norms, expectations and “polite” language and topics while in session. Fact: I will never judge you. I will never break our confidentiality. Although there is an obvious mutual respect with myself and the client, it is real, raw and nothing is off limits. The word “intimacy” represents more of a sacred openness that is shared between myself and my clients. Topics of coaching range anywhere from; career, relationships/love, sex/fetishes, addictions/obsessions, finding your purpose, communication, confidence, lifestyles, goal setting, recovering from unhealthy habits etc. You may come into a session with a specific agenda or have no idea what you’d like to discuss, either way the session(s) will go exactly as they need to. This is not therapy, nor is it a time where I give my opinion or tell you what to do. I merely help inspire you to uncover your best self and hidden answers in whichever aspect is in need of shining the most! 

“I coach others, I get coached myself and after every session, I leave on a higher frequency than when the session started.”

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