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During the holiday season, I see some clients quite often who need to relax due to increased stress levels; family demands, end of the fiscal year, ugly sweater parties and yankee swaps. Other clients seem to be so busy with activities that I don't get to see them during the holiday season at all. Whichever area someone falls into, I wanted to be sure that every client knows how much I appreciate them!

On the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I decided to tweet out a daily gratitude message as a token of my appreciation. For all of those who don't follow me on Twitter and may have missed the love, here are 23 reasons why you rock:

# 1: I'm grateful for respectful clients who understand & truly grasp what I offer.

# 2: I'm grateful for the bold & generous couples that trust me to work with them in a uniquely intimate way.

# 3: I'm grateful when newbies to FBSM (full body sensual massage) choose me to introduce them to the art of Aqueoussage - I love being their 1st sensual masseuse!

# 4: I'm grateful when clients schedule appointments ahead of time so we both have something to look forward to.

# 5: I'm grateful when I notice clients are able to really relax, let go and enjoy the present moment during an Aqueoussage.

# 6: I'm grateful for clients who take the time to travel far & wide to see me on the South Shore. Always appreciate you making the trip!

# 7: I'm grateful for the encouragement from clients & friends about my product line Elements by marina. Thanks for the feedback & support!

# 8: I'm grateful for men & women who see me & inspire the divine feminine side of me to come out and shine! Goddess - Tantra - Love

# 9: I'm grateful when clients come to me for their self care. You can't pour from an empty cup. Taking care of self = best self for others!

# 10: I'm grateful when clients come to me & want to discover intimacy in their lives. I love helping women & men in this beautiful way.

# 11: I'm grateful when clients know they're in a safe place with me & are comfortable discussing anything needed to help them let go of the stresses in life. No judgment ever. Decompress - Stress relief - Recharge your batteries - Much love!

# 12: I’m grateful for Aqueoussage clients who also see me for life coaching & for my life coaching clients who also see me for Aqueoussage. The two seem to go hand-in-hand & the results are awesome. Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching!

# 13: I’m grateful for all of the adventurous New Englanders who are curious about what I do. Your Google searches helped me continuously live on the first page of Google. Thank You! Hope to meet you all! #SensualMassageBoston

# 14: I’m grateful for clients who are celebrating something special, & choose to commemorate the day with an Aqueoussage. Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Life Goals, Health Achievements, Newly Single, Newlywed etc. Celebrate life!

# 15: I’m grateful that my work gives me just as much pleasure, serenity & peace as the client experiences. Giving & receiving an Aqueoussage is a unique experience. I love what I do! SEBW (Sensual Energy Body Work) is so fulfilling.

# 16: I’m grateful for clients who sing my praises to others. A referral is the highest compliment & I’ve been very flattered lately! Thank you for passing along my info. 20% off for every booked referral as a token of my appreciation.

# 17: I’m grateful for the amazing clients I get to meet doing what I do. The most awesome people are drawn to Aqueoussage!

# 18: I’m grateful for my involvement with Choice Social Club & for the opportunity to host Sensual Massage Nights at their venue in Providence, RI. I host massage nights at Choice four times per year. See my calendar for updates and the next event at Choice! 

# 19: I’m grateful for genuine, honest feedback from current clients. My practice and I are always evolving & welcome client’s authentic words of wisdom. I am a former perfectionist & realize the beauty in trial & error for sure!

# 20: I’m grateful for super sweet gestures from clients; homemade gifts, Starbucks Clover coffees, pretty sarongs, chocolates, beautiful cards, tips, gift cards. Never expected, always appreciated! (Wine- although thoughtful, alcohol gets re-gifted) Thank you!

# 21: I’m grateful when clients introduce me to other sensual masseuses, naked yogis & intimacy coaches. Love getting to know others in this line of work, amazing people. Thanks for sharing these unique gurus w/ me. Sensual networking is the best kind!

# 22: I’m grateful for the “zone” I get into while giving an Aqueoussage. I know the client is there with me too, it’s confirmed without words. Sensual meditation boosts my energy & never drains me. Live your purpose!

# 23: I’m so grateful for each & every client that comes my way. Whether you visit once or repeat regularly, you are the reason I’m able to do what I love, so THANK YOU! Happy Holidays everyone, go enjoy the important things in life today & always!




with Healing Touches,




























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