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I have been doing a lot of research lately on ways to improve my massage oil products and determine the most effective ways to optomize the sense of touch on skin. As some of you may know from experiencing an Aqueoussage before, there's something amazing about being lovingly caressed with the warm slippery solution that I use for body work. I personally love massaging my own body with my oils daily it feels so good! 

I've never been one that stops a project at the point of being satisfied when things are just "good", it only intices me to improve and evolve to optomize the project to become even better. This goes for Aqueoussage as well. As much as I enjoy the experience and hope you do too, I am excited about making it better!

Brushing up on my anatomy & physiology lately has encouraged me to implement various ways of heightening the sense of touch. Learning about the human body and how it works fascinates me and I'm so intrigued to experiment with some of my new knowledge of enhancing the sense of touch. 

1) Take away another sense, and the remaining senses are enhanced

I was at a restaurant recently that was holding a charity banquet dinner for an association of the blind on an upcoming date. This dinner was being held in a pitch black, totally dark dining room so the guests are unable to see anything that they're eating. Not only does this require a certain level of trust, but it calls on your other senses to kick it up a notch and experience the food at a higher capacity than one might be used to. Supposedly the food tastes better, smells better and the music playing really enhances the courses being eaten. I love this concept and have taken my own twist on it by applying blackout shades to the Aqueoussage room. I still have dimly lit candles as part of the experience, but the toned down light in the room definitely adds to the package!

2) Exfoliating dead skin cells allows more feeling through the nerves innervating our skin 

The outermost layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum (which is also Latin for “horny layer" ironically). The stratum corneum consists of flattened, dead skin cells 15–20 layers deep. As we age, the shedding of these dead skin cells slows down and builds up unevenly. This excess build up of dead skin cells impacts our “touch sense” by decreasing sensation. Exfoliating the skin and shedding dead skin cells provides the following benefits:
- increased circulation
- rejuvenates tired skin
- intensifies sensations (like massage) felt on the skin

It's recommended to exfoliate 3-4x/week maximum to continue the healthy turn over of fresh, healthy skin cells. I will be incorporating a body polish into the sensual shower aspect of the session as an optional add-on to the appointment in November 2017. If you are a current client, please ask me about the sneak peak special I'm running for Halloween from Oct. 17th-31st. 

3) Alternating various types, speeds and levels of touch can enhance feeling

An Aqueoussage is typically conducted to the rhythm of ocean waves playing within the background music during the session with similar, relaxing pressure throughout the entirety of the appointment. Lately I have been creatively testing different realms of touch and seem to be getting some positive responses! As always, feel free to speak up if something feels uncomfortable or awesome. I appreciate feedback!


If you're new to the art of Aqueoussage, feel free to book your initial session with me to experience a heightened sense of touch. If you're a current client and are curious about the new additions, please note that I'm running an "Intensify Your Aqueoussage" special for the second half of October (10/17-10/31) as a complimentary upgrade to say thank you for your repeat business. Feel free to reach out to myself or my assistant Jane by phone or email. Were both happy to answer any questions you may have.


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