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As always, if you are a current client of mine in good standing, I am happy to be a reference for you! I am a big believer in all of us working together to increase the safety in our community for both the service provider and the client, so feel free to use my name as a reference next time you are booking with another masseuse or provider. 

Just a reminder, this is what you need to provide to them, in addition to your info she requests, if you are using me as a reference:

Marina has confirmed she is willing to provide a reference for me, you can verify she is a masseuse in good standing with the info below and you may reach out to her via phone or email.
Marina the Masseuse
TER: 294075
(approx. last date you saw me)

*it is helpful for you, as the client, to give me a heads up too, but not necessary. I'm always ok with helping my clients out!


Sometimes I receive reference requests from masseuses or providers asking me if I've seen clients, but they do not give me much info to go by. All I need to know from the provider is:

- your first name (last initial preferred but not always necessary)

- your email and/or phone #

It's helpful to know the date of our last appointment together, but if you see me weekly, often or provide the month we saw each other last, that works too!


For new clients who are looking to book with me, unfortunately I do not accept references as the sole info I need to do my verification to see someone new, merely because my screening process is unique to me and I don't know what other ladies do as their research. Sometimes providers accept aliases, I do not. Sometimes clients see providers, who are more concerned with screening you as a client to confirm you are not an undercover cop, and the providers "okay" is only them telling me that they've confirmed you are not low enforcement. I do not care if a client of mine is law enforcement or not, I am more concerned with verifying that clients I see are not; sex offenders, dangerous criminals, drug-abusing criminals, rapists, under 18, blacklisted for being a danger, disrespectful to a service provider in the past or blacklisted for booking and being a no-show. So unfortunately, just getting a reference from a masseuse or a provider for me, does not make me feel comfortable enough. I am an independent masseuse and need to keep my safety and well-being as my #1 priority. Thank you for understanding why I cannot just accept references for myself. Once again, I'm more than happy to help out as being a reference for a current client if you would like me to!

Have fun, be smart and stay safe!


with Healing Touches,





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