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I have recently changed the language on my website from using the word "massage" to "Aqueoussage". I'd like to assure you that other than the wording used by me, nothing has changed. The term "Aqueoussage" does not have a secret meaning or implies that more occurs. 

The change from "massage" to "Aqueoussage" & "FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage)" to "SEBW (Sensual Energy Body Work)" has happened for two reasons. This is why:

1- It has recently come to my attention that the exact type of massage that I am licensed in and what my undergraduate education is in, is only one aspect of the style of service I do. I have acquired numerous trainings throughout the years I have been involved in body work and I pride myself in offering a multi-faceted approach to body work consisting of knowledge and skills acquired from different schools and courses. Since my current offerings are a combination of styles, I am unable to be covered solely by my official license from college. On another note, I am certified in general massage therapy (not licensed in general massage) but with only a certification in the general massage sense, I am not technically supposed to call what I offer "massage". If I were to use the word "massage", I would need to offer strictly sports massage, since that is the only thing that my license covers. I prefer to remain legitimate and not cross anyone, especially governing boards of body work in any sense. The first principle covered in any aspect of body work training is "thou shalt not do any harm", and I am confident in this oath, therefore I feel 100% comfortable utilizing a combination of my various trainings when I am in a body work session. 

2- I seem to hear a consistent reaction from new clients once we are finished with our session together; "wow, that was something I've never experienced before", "your style is truly unique and indescribable" and "I didn't know what to expect, but I enjoyed this new experience very much". Something I rarely hear is how similar what I do is to someone else's services. My style is truly unique and has stemmed from many different trainings, personal experience, my love for the human body and extreme gratitude for every single client I have the opportunity to work with. With that being said, I felt I needed to term my services with a new word that best describes the sensual body work that I do. Aqueous is a latin word for "dissolving in water". While performing an Aqueoussage, I always have soothing background music playing that also includes sounds of ocean waves. The tempo of the rolling waves that I hear as the music plays, helps me keep my rhythm throughout the Aqueoussage. I find that if I dont hear music that includes ocean waves, it is difficult for me to keep my meditative rhythm. The reason for using "Aqueous", (besides the fact that Aquassage is trademarked ;) is because every movement that I perform, whether it is strokes of my hands/forearms or breasts/hips, it is done in an elegantly feminine manner decreasing stress, similar to dissolving stress in water. I imagine that as a client is lying there with their eyes closed, they're able to really feel the feminine essence of my touch and it would be difficult to mistake my presence to be aggressively masculine. 


I hope that explains the reason for the new language throughout my site. I felt that being upfront about the reasons was the best approach and I appreciate your understanding. 

Looking forward to meeting you and experiencing a Marina signature "Aqueoussage" together! 


with Healing Touches,




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