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A comment I often hear from clients is that they have trouble deciding which package to choose as their first experience with me. Whether it's their first or fiftieth body rub, the experience I offer is so different than the typical sensual massage that it leaves people wondering what the ideal first time with Marina would be.

I also hear a common question from clients who come to see me, both regulars and first-timers, they wonder what is my favorite Aque-a-ssage to give? To be very honest, every package that I offer is enjoyable for me and I'm pleased to provide the experience no matter what. I do have a couple favorite packages, I have to admit!

I'll address both the comment and question in hopes that this clears up some lingerings ponders out there!

I purposely omit the descriptions of the package particulars on my menu page. This style of body work to me is the ultimate form of sensual relaxation and half of what makes it this way is the aspect of the unknown and the anticipation. I encourage client's to pre-book and plan a scheduled session ahead of time for this purpose. The build up until the time of the session, both for the masseuse and the client, can be an exhilarating count down of anticipatory practice of patience. I know clients wonder various things about the upcoming appointment. He/she/they may ask; 

What can I expect to happen? 

Will she be nude, will I be nude? 

Can I touch her? 

Is this a legitimate service that I can actually expect the full 90 min/2 hours with her or is this just her advertising to get me in the door?

To answer the string of swarming questions potential clients might have, I can address these particulars in regards to all of the packages I offer, then I will get into package particulars and my favorites!

You can expect to arrive at my hosting location to be greeted by me alone in a discreet and friendly manner. I typically take the time prior to your arrival to prepare fresh linens and clean, light some candles, get the music going and take some calming deep breaths to prepare for the relaxing session ahead. I believe in approaching every session in a special, personalized manner and do not wish to rush to get ready or rush through the session itself, everything is approached very methodically. 

Once inside, I like to welcome the client and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. This is the time I give a brief run down of the sequence of our time together and get them prepared for a shower. I ask that the client take care of the consideration ahead of time and have them excuse themselves into the shower (I require this even if they are fresh from a shower at home! Call me OCD, but I'm a clean freak!). If they chose a package that includes a shared shower to prelude the actual Aque-a-ssage, I will then proceed to make my way into the shower to join shortly after they have time to take care of their intimate areas solo. Our shower time together can be quite tantalizing and wets the appetite for the oil portion about to happen in the room. It consists of lots of lather and an all over sudsy, clean fun time for both. Yes we are both nude in the shower, unless otherwise requested. Note: this is not sexual, it is merely superficial washing of bodies. 

Once the client is finished showering, towel dried and back in the warm room, I proceed to ask them to lay face down on the middle of the bed (I do not use a massage table on purpose) with arms over head. Towel draping is optional for those who feel a bit shy, but it is not necessary. The Aque-a-ssage begins with slow, soft to medium pressure strokes, reminiscent of a combination of Lomi Lomi and Swedish massage techniques meant to relax the muscle and stimulate blood flow. I typically start from the top and work my way towards the bottom of the feet. I enjoy using Nuru style techniques and we both end up pretty oily by the time the session is halfway through at the turning point. Once face up, the client can expect more of the same, top to bottom, relaxing strokes performed using my fingers, palms, fists, forearms, chest, inner thighs, hips, butt and whole body as tools to tend to the client's entire body. Some aspects of the techniques I use are optimal if I am at least partially nude, however it is not a problem for me to refrain from being exposed. If this makes someone uncomfortable, I have alternative ways to perform just as amazing of an Aque-a-ssage while being covered up. The client may also choose to be partially dressed or draped as well. 

As far as touching is concerned, I like to address this question on a case per case basis. I will say that touch is a major component of Aque-a-ssage and I don't understand why other masseuses forbid it. I personally enjoy a bit of light reciprocation from a client who is in tune with what my body language is telling them is ok to touch. Touching me can range from light caresses of my skin that is included with the basic hour package of Aque-a-ssage to the full spectrum of full body intimate body rub on me that is included in the 2-hour reverse package. My advice is to walk into our appointment together without having any touching expectations and be open to the organic nature of how the personalized experience unfolds. I can never predict if or how much touching will be involved. Often times clients are so relaxed and in a zone that they merely enjoy laying there and receiving like a wet noodle- this is totally ok too! I will make it clear if the touching is unwelcome. If something is inappropriate or too aggressive, I will subtly stop the touch with cues from my body language, if it continues I will verbally let the client know and if it still continues and I need to address it again for the third time, then the session has potential to end promptly at that point (luckily this has never even come close to happening) and I could ask them to leave. 

Yes, this is absolutely a legitimate service! I take pride in what I do and am happy to say that I offer quality Aque-a-ssages that often exceed my client's expectations. My schedule tends to be occupied by weekly regulars who realize the benefits from this kind of body work, so hopefully that answers the question of whether or not I actually provide what I advertise. Also, there is absolutely nothing to be worried in terms of legality! I do not offer services that invlove sexual acts for money, I am not underaged exposing nudity and I pay my taxes like all other legal businesses do, so you can completely relax when booking with me! My screening process is merely to ensure I am not inviting underaged clients, criminals, sex offenders or blacklisted (clients who have behaved poorly in the past) individuals into my intimate setting. * So breathe a sigh of relief, you're safe when you see me! *

I have to admit that I have two favorite packages on my menu:

- 2-hour Reverse Aque-a-ssage

- Athlete's Dream package

The rest of my packages are close seconds. The duration of these two appointments give the opportunity to really relax and get lost in the moment. When I am giving an Aque-a-ssage, I am 100% present and zoned in on what I'm doing. I pay close attention to the subtle language that client's muscles use to tell me which areas to focus on. I might adjust specific methods of my technique according to what I feel in the tissues from previous or impending injury sites due to inactive muscle fibers, malaligned tissues from chronic overuse or postural deviations or tight, strained tissue obviously in need of touch. With the 2-hour duration, I'm able to get a clear sense of what needs to be addressed and adjust my body and methods appropriately. They both include the shared shower which is always enjoyable too. The reverse Aque-a-ssage allows me to get rubbed if the client wishes, how is that not a win/win?! The Athlete's Dream package allows me to combine sport-specific stretches, myofascial releases, joint mobilization (if needed) and minimal application of modalities catered to the individual and their activity. I've been a sport-specific strength & conditioning coach, and a sports massage therapist for years and the Athlete's Dream package brings out my inner anatomy geek and I can combine it with sensual undertones. It's like naked training with a twist, does it get any better?!

I hope this clears up any confusion and may help a potential client decide which package to choose. There are plenty of times I have clients book a different package each time to enjoy the variation of duration and experience various benefits each time, other times they find a package they love and stick with it weekly!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I will be posting new entries each week addressing common questions or anything else that may be of interest to clients. Feel free to email or tweet me any suggestions of topics you'd like me to cover in the future. 

Always remember the importance of maintaining a healthy life balance & practice self care. Stay well! 

with Healing Touches,




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