Sep 29 2019 The #1 reason why you might have found meCategory: General     04:22PM   0

As humans, we need touch more than we need food & water. Check out this video:

I believe “intimate touch” is such a rich, high vibrational type of touch that provides infinite healing. 

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Mar 24 2019 Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching- Life in the 11+Category: General     04:57PM   0

What does "living life in the 11+" mean? I have many Aqueoussage clients ask me about my Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching ( business and wonder what the heck it actually is. 

Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching is...

- my passion

- my way of connecting with others on a deeper level 

- my unique technique to bring out the best (in myself) in who I work with

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Mar 22 2018 You Can't Stop the Waves of Change, But You Can Surf Through Them!Category: General     12:14PM   0


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Dec 11 2017 Dear clients... Here are the many reasons why I appreciate you!Category: General     05:11PM   0

During the holiday season, I see some clients quite often who need to relax due to increased stress levels; family demands, end of the fiscal year, ugly sweater parties and yankee swaps. Other clients seem to be so busy with activities that I don't get to see them during the holiday season at all. Whichever area someone falls into, I wanted to be sure that every client knows how much I appreciate them!

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Oct 15 2017 Heighten Your SensesCategory: General     12:54PM   0

I have been doing a lot of research lately on ways to improve my massage oil products and determine the most effective ways to optomize the sense of touch on skin. As some of you may know from experiencing an Aqueoussage before, there's something amazing about being lovingly caressed with the warm slippery solution that I use for body work. I personally love massaging my own body with my oils daily it feels so good! 

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Nov 11 2016 Current clients: Here's how to use me as a reference if you'd like!Category: General     09:50AM   0

As always, if you are a current client of mine in good standing, I am happy to be a reference for you! I am a big believer in all of us working together to increase the safety in our community for both the service provider and the client, so feel free to use my name as a reference next time you are booking with another masseuse or provider. 

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Oct 29 2016 Aqueoussage??? Category: General     10:50AM   0

I have recently changed the language on my website from using the word "massage" to "Aqueoussage". I'd like to assure you that other than the wording used by me, nothing has changed. The term "Aqueoussage" does not have a secret meaning or implies that more occurs. 

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Apr 21 2016 My favorite package I offer (& I touch on the legal aspect everyone is afraid to ask!)Category: General     03:38PM   0

A comment I often hear from clients is that they have trouble deciding which package to choose as their first experience with me. Whether it's their first or fiftieth body rub, the experience I offer is so different than the typical sensual massage that it leaves people wondering what the ideal first time with Marina would be.

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