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About Me

Are you in need of something refreshingly sensual? 
Do you feel the desire to break the monotony of life? 
Maybe you want to be able to just 'Hit 'em with the Hein'?
You've come to the right place.

Hey Now! I'm a Boston based full-body sensual masseuse who provides SEBW (sensual energy body work) a form of intimate touch with my signature style of body work, "Aqueoussage", a unique and extremely feminine delivery of human touch. I'd like to invite you to experience the ultimate healing exotic escape to your personalized paradise. I enjoy welcoming couples & individual men and women in need of a mind & body vacation to my sacred space where you can't help but unwind from the everyday stresses of life.

Experience my website in detail as it depicts my services, my authentic self and my loving intention. Read on to tantalize your senses a bit and schedule an Aqueoussage for yourself to indulge your senses entirely...


Aqueoussage Definition:

A * QUE * OUS * SAGE   [ awk - we - us - sazh ] Noun

Origin: from the Latin word aqueous “dissolved in water”

1. an artistic form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW), or sensual massage, for purposes of dissolving stress, promoting human connection, and creating a sensual flow of relaxation
2. performed by a masseuse/masseur utilizing her/his entire body in a rhythmic motion, usually to the tempo of water sounds, to rub, stretch, caress or slide across another body in a slow, sensuous manner
3. supplies: Aqueoussage Solution (Sensual Energy Body Work product system by Elements of Intimacy) is generously applied topically to provide heightened sensations and a forms protective barrier to the skin for an optimal experience throughout the Aqueoussage

“They discovered another level of trust and intimacy since incorporating Aqueoussage into their relationship.”


Interested in taking a bit of this experience home with you after our session together?

Check out the gift shop at my South Shore location for any of my "Elements of Intimacy" by IntimaSea luxury intimate body care products. I'm proud to offer the highest quality, organic, food grade (edible), sustainably sourced products made from the best ingredients to nourish your mind, body, heart & soul. For more information and online purchases of IntimaSea, "the world's most sensual body-to-body nuru experience" check out the website of my personal SEBW brand:

Wavy Dark Blonde

Sparkling Hazel

5'2 Barefoot

Caucasian (Euro)

Dress Size: 8

Hourglass feminine figure              







NEW VIP Members-Only Club details:

As of 4/26/19, I will be opening a NEW permanent luxury space complete with all ammenities. This 2,000 sq ft private oasis members-only club will cater to existing clinets & Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching clients. I book private sessions one-on-one and will also be holding meet ups, classes and workshops for current members in good standing. The VIP members-only club will be open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Saturdays.

To become a member...

Current or past clients in good standing qualify for membership. If you are new and interested in becoming a member, please reach out via email to introduce yourself and tell me about your goals and intentions for working together. Initial appointments will be comprised of face to face introductions and offered Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching packages. Travel appointments at a location of your choice are also available ($500 + travel fee/2 hours).


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Please note that this is not a therapeutic service performed by a licensed massage therapist. This service is called Aqueoussage and is a form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW). An Aqueoussage booked through this website is executed by a professional with extensive education in human anatomy, body mechanics and injury prevention with additonal certifications in the healing arts and energy work. All services advertised are legal and provided with thoughtfulness and integrity. 

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