Couples Aqueoussage

Have you ever had a "couples massage" at the spa? 
Is being in the same room on separate tables across the room a REAL couples massage?  
I have a custom-built XL massage table built with couples in mind. Enough room for 4 people! Complete w/ dual face cradles for the ultimate comfort.  

Ask me about my unique combination session series of "Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching". This is a one-of-a-kind experience catering to couples in search of the ultimate bonding connection. It is a blend of one-on-one and group lifestyle coaching sessions as well as hands-on practical experience with my signature Aqueoussage. Please call for more details. LIC packages available via online booking form shortly. 

2-Hand SEBW by Marina:

Enjoy a unique and unexplainable NEW connection with your partner through Sensual Energy Body Work by Marina.

Originally designed to cater to M/F couples in a relationship who may be in search of something new and exhilarating to add to their partnership. This specific, one-of-a-kind service can also be personalized for M/M or F/F couples or even close friends. Whether you're looking to add a lost spark back into the relationship, interested in the symbiotic connection of the 3 of us sharing a sensual encounter together or just seek to try out a new unspoken connection between the two of you, a SEBW (Sensual Energy Body Work) Aqueoussage can do wonders for the monotony of everyday monogamy.

Fantasies are a part of human nature and are nothing to be ashamed of.

I have found that since working with couples who share experiences with me simultaneously, not only do they become physically and emotionally closer, but they have reported the discovery of a new ability to understand each other's overall needs, desires and fantasies in a more efficient way than ever before. Each couples session experience is completely organic and personalized for the couple indulging in this essential adventure. (Please keep in mind that my services are strictly for sensual body work and this isn't a secret code for group sex.) However, I realize the importance of physical connection between the couple and may excuse myself to allow for the comfort of privacy for you to use as you wish to complete your time together. 

Please keep in mind that this session is suggested for couples who mutually agree to take this ride together.

I highly suggest that the first experience of this collaboration be discussed ahead of time and not be a surprise for their partner. Once we have had our initial session together, I am ok with surpise sessions as gifts for their partner. The intention is to create a connection and not drive each other apart by assuming the other person is ok with this type of service. Also note that this is not a pornographic experience in nature and shouldn't be an intimidating encounter. I am familiar with assisting someone to ease into unfamiliar territory and feel confident that defined boundaries will not be crossed.

I am available via e-mail if either partner has any questions prior to booking. I want you both to feel 100% comfortable as you take on this new and exciting adventure together!

Note: This is not a "4-hand Aqueoussage", I will be the only person present with you throughout the appointment.

2-Hand Aqueoussage Packages with Marina:

$800 2 Hr. Full Body Sensual Couples Aqueoussage
$1000 * 3.5 Hr. Dinner Date & Full Body Sensual Couples Aqueoussage

* Please add cost of restaurant bill.


4-Hand SEBW by Marina & Male Masseur:

Let me bring along a dear friend for the ultimate Aqueoussage adventure!

Designed to cater to M/F couples interested in having their own masseuse/masseur for a 4-hands couples experience. 100% of Marina’s attention on him and 100% of his attention on her. This package requires a 48 hour or more advanced notice to schedule ahead of time. 

4-Hand Aque-a-ssage Packages with Marina & Masseur:

$1000 2 Hr. Full Body Sensual Couples Aqueoussage
$1200 * 3.5 Hr.Dinner Date & Full Body Sensual Couples Aqueoussage

* Please add cost of restaurant bill.

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