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It is vital to include ALL necessary and TRUE information that I require in order to schedule a massage with me. Those who disrespect this policy of providing their real information are subject to be added to my 'Do Not See' list. 

"I - I - I - I don't like people who provide false information..."

Fill out the form below in full, for new Aqueoussage booking requests. Note: if you are a new client requesting an appointment, submitting your booking request 48 hours or more in advance is very much appreciated.

If you are a returning client, feel free to send me an email or call 1-844-484-3542, there is no need to fill out a booking form again. My schedule closes as of 8pm the night prior. Please be confirmed prior to 8pm if you'd like to be on my schedule the following day, thank you. 

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Please note that this is not a therapeutic service performed by a licensed massage therapist. This service is called Aqueoussage and is a form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW). An Aqueoussage booked through this website is executed by a professional with extensive education in human anatomy, body mechanics and injury prevention with additonal certifications in the healing arts and energy work. All services advertised are legal and provided with thoughtfulness and integrity. 

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